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Welcome to The Most Phenomenal Year of Your Life

You are a High Achiever, an Entrepreneur, a Leader.

You started doing what you do because of the promise of more money, more time and more freedom to do what you want. BUT:

  • Are you sick and tired of doing most (or all) the work yourself?
  • Do you feel drained with the long days and sleepless nights?
  • You owe it to yourself and those your care for and love, to start scaling and adding hours to your days!

What you will get as a member of the VIP coaching family

  • Your Strategic Objective Outline
  • Your Reverse Engineering Template
  • Your very own customized Results Blueprint that you will collaborate with us
  • You will establish your Accountability Checkpoints(ACP’s)
  • Gain clarity on what your HLA’s are
  • Learn and implement the Law of 3′

About Your Coach

Shawn Shewchuk has started, run and profited from 43 companies, generated hundreds of millions of dollars and coached/consulted with over 10,000 clients from North America and beyond.

Shawn has authored numerous books, and is considered the “Go-To” expert on Productivity. He is the brains behind the, all of the High Productivity Planners and Journals.

He is an in demand speaker with over 4,000 presentation to his credit and over 5,000 media appearances. He even appeared in two movies, and produced one of them.

Shawn is known as the Number 1 Results Coach and THE Productivity Speaker.Just for a moment, think about what your life, business and career will like when you execute on your Results Blueprint.


Do you want the next 12 months to be better than the last 12 months?

I know your answer is a resounding, YES!

You and I both know that you want to spend more time doing those things that are important to you. Things like spending more time with your kids, like travelling and those finer things that life has to offer.

Shawn has helped over 10,000 entrepreneurs and high achievers just like you build and scale their businesses, and live a life that they had only dreamed of.

NOW, it’s your turn.

Increase your profit…

Gain more time for what you want…

Achieve real Freedom (do what you want, when you want and with who you want)


  • 24 Coaching meetings with Shawn Shewchuk and the Change Your Results “Power Team”
  • 4 Accountability CheckPoints with the Change Your Results “Power Team.”: Ensuring you stay on track and on target while celebrating your achievements to increase productivity
  • An autographed copy of the renowned Your Freedom Journal: This powerful volume will become invaluable to you as you up-level your results.
  • Membership to the Change Your Results VIP Coaching database: This is your reference point for all your coaching meetings.
  • 1-year Membership to Big Results Wealth Academy
  • Access to Change Your Results live events
  • A copy of Shawn’s first bestselling book, Change Your Mind, Change Your Results
  • A copy of Shawn newest book, Daily Motivation Vol. 1
  • Access to and support from the Change Your Results “Power Team
  • All required materials for your coaching experience


"The investment in Shawn was significant but well worth it. He allowed my business to grow to 7 figures and beyond in a stable way. He also helped me understand my value so that I could create a new division in the info space."
Jason Greschuk
Entrepreneur & Business Owner
"A lot of clutter in my mind got arranged into a precise action plan to succ eed. Besides giving me clarity, Shawn has also provided me with the confidence and support I need! I highly recommend to hire Shawn Shewchuk."
Anna Mirimanova
"Working with Shawn Shewchuk has been an incredible experience. Within hours because of the coaching from Shawn, I generated an additional $24,000. My business keeps growing and I am on target to hit my goal of $1,000,000 within one year. If you get the opportunity to work with Shawn, do it!"
Jon Lamont

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